Wedding Host Services

Every wedding has a timeline, and it takes a skilled Wedding Host, a modern day Toastmaster, to keep it on track.  Many venues do not provide a dedicated Event Manager for the full day, which is where I come in, independent from the venue, working for you, managing the focus and direction throughout the day and utilising music, lighting and entertainment to enhance the occasion. It is an honour to be a part of your wedding day, and to ensure that you have a memorable day for all the right reasons, I will be at the helm.

  • Arranging appropriate music for each stage of the day
  • Guiding the guests at each point, through marriage ceremony to carriages at midnight
  • Liaising with your wedding suppliers, ensuring a seamless and ordered running
  • Welcoming you as husband and wife at the Wedding Breakfast
  • Introducing speeches at the Wedding Breakfast
  • Organising and announcing focal points of the day, from the receiving line to the cutting of the cake

Prior to your wedding, we will work together to ensure every aspect of your wedding day flows perfectly and every detail is designed to fit your style and tastes.

As the Wedding Host, I am the visible spokesperson for your wedding, and it is important that I can speak about you as a couple who I am familiar with, that I can provide suitable anecdotes in an easy manner to match the timing and mood of each moment. I will build a rapport with your guests, so that you can rest assured that there will be no awkward lulls during periods where you may be having photographs taken, and so that they may see me as a point of contact for queries throughout the day, leaving you free to enjoy the best day of your life.